Pick A Side

by Academy Morticians

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In July of 2015, after a fourteen year hiatus from the recording studio and a five year hiatus since their initial reunion, Academy Morticians got together at The Zoo recording studio in Hinckley and recorded four brand new tracks. "Pick A Side" marks the start of a brand new era for Academy Morticians. The first EP of a collection of EPs they intend to record over the next few years.


released March 30, 2016

Si Mortician - Vocals and Guitar
DaN McKee - Vocals and Bass
Tom Wise - Guitar and Vocals
Steve White - Drums and Vocals

Recorded by Carl Harris @The Zoo

All songs written by either Mortician or McKee. All songs performed by Academy Morticians.



all rights reserved


Academy Morticians Birmingham, UK

Started in a teenaged bedroom back in 1995 and still going strong twenty years later these unsung heroes of the UK punk scene have been mixing angry punk rock, political awareness and catchy vocal harmony for over two decades and are still yet to be considered anybody's favourite band. ... more

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Track Name: Pick A Side
Cynic - You want freedom from criminals
Cynic - You want freedom from the law
Cynic - Who's going to save us from you?

Cynic - With your comfortable home
Cynic - And your affluent home
Cynic - Your only enemy is you.

The noble neutral's on a moving train, and while the sceptics can't decide, the war out there is looking for you so you've got to pick a side.

Sceptic - There's a truth with your name on it
Sceptic - I want to see you doubt it
Sceptic - When the walls come down around you

Philosopher - With your endless argument
Philosopher - All logic, no heart
Philosopher - The only puzzle is you

The noble neutral's on a moving train, and while the sceptics can't decide, the war out there is looking for you so you've got to pick a side.

So come little soldiers...
Track Name: Vote For Change
The economy is fucked
You want a job you’re out of luck
And don’t you feel that sense of déjà vu?

For have we not heard this before?
The promise that they’ll do much more,
Kick the old guard out and start anew?

And isn’t it incredible
How absolutely gullible
In the end we all turn out to be?

The same old lies, a different voice
We still believe we have a choice
A vote for change we never really see


One speaks of the deficit
The other reducing benefits
In practice both illusions are the same

The re-branding of old ideas
Contemporized with modern fears
The same old story under a new name

And isn’t it familiar?
Euphoria, hysteria,
The sense of something new to start again?

And how that feeling soon falls flat
A creeping dread, you realize that
The brand new day you dreamt of never came


Did you really think they’d let you choose?
If it meant they might actually lose?
Did you really think you had a say?
When with the promise of salvation you’ll shut up and go away?

They keep on giving us black eyes
And yet we still feign our surprise
Every time the fist flies to our face

The actors change the play’s the same
Different rules to an unchanged game
A wealth of evidence on which to base

This isn’t just conspiracy
But documented history:
Those with power don’t let go the reigns

Yet still we hope each time again
That this is now and that was then
And blindly follow liars lulling “change”

Track Name: March In Line
March in line for the London Olympics
March in line for the Queen’s Jubilee
March in line for the Conservative government
March in line for the economy

March in line as they take away your services
March in line as your pay and pension freeze
March in line as they take away your benefits
March in line as they bring you to your knees

March in line as they talk about the deficit
March in line and don’t talk about the war
March in line and forget about the cause of this
March in line and don’t ask what you’re marching for

And don’t forget your flags
Yes you must wave your pretty flags

And march in line for the right team in the football game
March in line and love the same celebrities
March in line and pick conveyor opportunities
March in line to serve your master’s every need

March in line when they tell you that you lost your job
March in line as they spin your tears to gold
March in line to the growing unemployment queue
March in line and maybe you won’t feel the cold

March in line for the new great depression
March in line for a taste of poverty
March in line for the bankers and their bonuses
March in line in the name of your country

And don’t forget your flags
Yes you must wave your pretty flags
Starving children dressed in rags
They all wave their pretty flags

And march in line

March in line like a lamb off to the slaughter
March in line and say a prayer for corporate greed
March in line and stop asking awkward questions
March in line and march until your feet bleed.

March in line.
Track Name: The First Casualty
The first casualty will be... my pride,
and the life I'd spent on telling myself that:
if you stand your ground
then right will out

I really thought we'd prevent the war,
STOP STOP the war from happening
But I couldn't prevent your war

His statements prime all the guns and bombs
while mine just help me to sleep at night
And if you sing it loud enough
then right will out

I brought true premises and validity to the battle.
I should have brought a gun.